Social networks? The goose that lays the golden eggs does not exist

We have already talked many times that a single online marketing action can hardly solve your Internet presence. You must integrate many of the possibilities offered by the network and organize them within a strategic plan.

Many companies think that social networks are the new hens of the golden eggs. Attending with this metaphor to that they hope that, without doing anything, the hen will provide them with the success that they have not worked together in other areas such as: customer service, quality department, etc.

In exchange for waiting for the fruit of this chicken that does not exist, I propose that you attend these “PIGS”. This is an acronym that became infamous a couple of years ago, thanks to the vultures of the risk rating agencies, which means: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. But it has nothing to do with the acronyms we refer to today.


Like everything in life, without perseverance nothing is achieved. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you do not fight to carry it out, it will always be just that. Never the ideas achieved any change. It is the actions that move the world.

Social networks are not a long distance race. They are an eternal marathon. You must work every day to be useful for your community. And you must ensure and measure, that this benefit is rewarded with a closer relationship with your current and future customers, to improve your income account.

Nobody has the magic formula of success for your presence on the Internet. You must try, make a mistake, rectify, measure and retest. There are no shortcuts.


If right now I asked you to remember the 10 best campaigns in social networks, surely we will agree on 4 or 5 (or maybe more).

The only way to highlight in this immense zoo that are social networks, is creativity. You should not be afraid to get out of the norm with an innovative campaign. Even, a bit controversial.

The only thing that will make you expand your circle of influence is to leave your comfort zone and dare to do something different.

I not only for the success of the campaign, but for the impacts of free advertising that you will get from traditional media and blogs.


Having a presence strategy in social networks is very good; but for now, if your website is well done, between 60 and 80% of visits to your website will come from Google.

Therefore you can not, nor should you, forget to have a SEO positioning strategy. We talk about Google for its market share in Spain, but it’s the same for Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Maintaining a mediocre presence on social networks is easy. Programs a few messages per day, very occasionally, you make a contest on Facebook that you publish only on your wall, copies and blasts content of other blogs and publish it on yours and so, you can go on autopilot the time want

But sooner rather than later, you will realize by the bad, that social networks are not about that.

Social networks allow you like no other tool created so far; Be close to the people who voluntarily decided to be close to you.

Would you speak alone in front of a group of friends without leaving them any chance of conversation with you?

Publishing and maintaining a presence of useful content is excellent. But you must reserve time (a lot) to talk to your people. Through social networks and in 1.0 too. Today, many networking meetings are organized in all cities. Do not forget the real world. A “Like” still does not mean the same thing as a handshake to close an agreement.

You will find many Top10, Top50, etc. of secrets for a successful presence in social networks (including, written by me), but if you keep these PIGS in mind, you will not need many more things to see your reputation and your conversions grow gradually.

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