Newsletters: Loyalty to your customers

As we know, today it is no longer enough for brands to offer a good product or make a large investment in advertising campaigns to ensure the success of our product or our brand, it takes much more.

Customers do not want to know that the brand is willing to spend a large amount of money on advertising spots that do not allow them to interact with the brand, they want to have a closer experience with the brand.

Therefore, today, the fundamental value is not how much money you can or want to spend, but the user experience that we want to achieve, and without a doubt, the best experience that a user can feel with a company is to know how to be important for her, to feel caring and involved with her.

Loyalty is the word.

Social Media, as we have all heard on more than one occasion, is not about how many followers we have, but about what we do with them, and, Social Media is a great ally for brands, therefore, it does not go to the amount of clients that we have exclusively (that also), but of what we do with them.

In addition to being attentive to their needs and conversing with them through the different social channels, we have at our disposal a very important tool, a tool that will allow us to keep our subscribers informed of any developments that occur and that are related with us: the Newsletter.

One way to get engagement is to make people want more information or more of what we offer and to subscribe to our website, thus obtaining the emails of those people who want to be informed of all the possible updates that are made in our environment.

One aspect to take into account when using a newsletter is the design, the appearance. It is necessary that it is a document in which the important information is more than accessible to the audience, fleeing from any type of element that hinders the reading or that overloads the bulletin.

Something important about the newsletter is the added value that they bring, since customers value, at equal prices and quality, that the brand is involved with the customer and is concerned about keeping it constantly informed, thereby ensuring that the Linkage between brand and client is much stronger.

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