The new 4 P’s of Marketing

Marketing evolves along with technological advances and even more so with the constant innovations proposed by the Internet. Based on this, we must adapt the traditional concepts of the discipline to these new challenges; Of course, without leaving aside, much less forgetting them.

In a recent article under the title ” Peer: the new consumer “, he pointed out that the 4P as Jerome McCarthy baptized, is a concept that since the seventies is considered key when marketing a product or service. It refers to four basic and traditional marketing tools: Price, Promotion, Plaza and Product. For more than 30 years we linked with this McCarthy theory, but today there is only one “P” that matters: People. Behind her the marks will go; then away the products.

He affirmed then that the new marketing is about people; to understand them; to establish relationships with them; to generate valuable and lasting dialogues with and among those people.

Based on these new guidelines, new concepts emerge that we must pay attention to in order to develop a marketing strategy according to the times, obviously in the hands of the company’s objectives and they are the 4 new P’s of marketing: Personalization; Participation; Prescription and prescription modeled.

The Customization refers to designing products and services tailored to meet and really expresses the needs of customers.

The Participation includes involve customers in the marketing mix , and Prescribing means that it has always relied more on the recommendations of the friends of commercials.

Regarding the Modelized Predictions, are the possibilities offered by Online tools to analyze the behavior in the customer network.

From these new 4 P’s, there is a very important change of paradigm; It is no longer necessary to have great gurus to guess the trends that will allow us to dominate the market: you only have to analyze the information gathered automatically to develop a marketing that is relevant to the behavior of the client.

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