Social networks, ‘test field’ for marketing professionals

Marketing professionals are taking advantage of a greater number of channels, media and tools in each new campaign or strategy developed, and social media is acquiring an increasingly important role in this regard.

However, social networks are still a battlefield or experimental testing for many of these companies that seek through different formulas the most effective way to find a greater return and impact of their actions.

According to the data that comes from the report “Marketing Tools Study 2012” developed by PointRoll and Kelton Research, marketers claim to use multiple tools in each of the campaigns they run or launch. More than half of respondents say they use more than five tools with different purposes such as monitoring, optimization, impact measurement, etc …

Due to the increasing and constant use of digital resources by these companies, social networks are fast becoming an increasingly important piece of their strategic plan, so when deciding how to spend the money, a 79% say they plan to increase their spending on advertising in this type of media.

In parallel, 24% of respondents said that social networks will be the most used channels and platforms within their advertising strategy along with advertising in search and display advertising.

Companies must be very competent when launching not only the different campaigns in different channels and media, but also especially when using the different tools available and how to effectively coordinate all their actions.

That is why many companies are still in a phase of learning and experimentation where social networks could be considered as “battlefields, and where through the formula of” trial and error “are being put to the test all kinds of actions and marketing and advertising strategies.

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