Everything that glitters is not gold … it does not have value all that is said

We are already used to the avalanche of information of our era. With social platforms and blogs we have access to valuable texts and documents. We can be self-interested looking for relevant topics of interest for our professional occupation or personal preferences.

Now, with the new professions (Community Managers, SEO specialists, content editors …) we look for profiles that have a good communication and writing base, or at least they should be. Brands hire specialized companies that have this type of workers to manage their business in Social Media. Everyone wants, and really everyone should, be on the Internet.

The problem comes when the professionals of the sector, eager to learn and assimilate everything that is cooked on the network, (especially on Twitter and blogs), run into the super experts of Social Media, commonly called gurus.

These gurus are divided into two, those who know and those who are lucky. The first ones are dedicated to providing tools and knowledge that give you value in your daily work. There are many. The seconds are those that are dedicated to tweet and retweet the first, and when they write they do it very well, but without saying anything, they are smoke. Unfortunately, they are more than the first, and unfortunately, they gain ground in this online world.

That’s where you have to be careful, because that’s where we can screw up. These false gurus, experts in Social Media, who spend the day tweeting news of others and speak on their blogs about strategies, ways to succeed, sins you should not commit, goals that you have to follow, etc., not only sell smoke, but also they believe themselves important, removing all relevance to new “buds” that have much to contribute. If they mention them at some time (as long as they have previously referred to them in an article of their own).

These “experts” only talk to each other and link continuously. They do not read to others. And the others have a lot to say, to learn, and also to teach. Because nobody discovers that this world is new and there is much (or everything) to be done. And the good thing about Social Media is that we all fit. Take advantage of the willingness to share and be educated there, creativity abounds and the desire to collaborate too. We are in a sea full of fish, and it is not the big ones that have to direct the little ones.

Not everything has value, we must pay close attention to distinguish something that serves us as not, because execute a bad strategy or wrong solutions for having ignored without thinking, can lead to a crisis.

It is important to know how to differentiate good content, because it is what is searched online: create valuable content. If you observe a lot of smoke in the contents of an expert, you are not obliged to follow it or continue reading it, look for others, there are, they will thank you, you will learn and it will be a better way to share among all and make us known.

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