Guide to good practices in social media for nightlife sector

How to get customers to share their shopping experience on social networks? How to provide incentives to share my digital contents? How to sell more and better Internet? These are all common questions of any digital strategist and community manager. To answer these questions in the nightlife sector, has just published a complete and exclusive guide with more than 50 tips on how to make business skyrocket in social media.

Guide to good practices in social media for nightlife sectorThe study, conducted with Woo Media digital agency, has analyzed how social media work in the top 100 clubs in the world. As a starting point, it has taken the Top 100 world club that makes the magazine DJMag and examined what are the secrets of success of their digital characters are.

How to inform and entertain our audience, how esucharla, how to create compelling content, how to encourage participation, how to promote the brand or how to encourage customers to share their experiences, etc … The result is a catalog of good practices that collects more than 50 actions that have been tested successfully in the temples of the planet’s most famous electronic music.

The document explains, with real cases, how to create viral campaigns, and develop entertainment content, how to encourage fans and followers of the brand more involved …

The head of the study and director Woo Media, Ibai Cereijo, explained: “We needed a thorough research on how to get successfully connect with their customers nightspots. Managing social media in the sector of the night and the music is very demanding. Users expect a lot of brands.

Not only they want to be informed about the schedule or the club offers.They also want videos, music, fashion recommendations, travel and trends … Competition on the Internet is huge to capture an expert in technology and big consumer of young customer leisure products. Whoever manages to capture the attention of these consumers, you have the key to the future “.

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