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Having set the date for your big day, you will be eager to start inviting your guests. Before you begin posting out great big piles of save the date cards and invitations, take some time to think about how important this first step is for the lead up to your special event. Remember that your invitation is the first thing your guests will see and you will want it to be perfect. It will reflect your personalities and your hopes for the day.

If you have already decided on a colour scheme then you might wish to incorporate this into your invitations. This will set the tone nicely and will also be a chance for your guests to get an idea of the colours they can expect. This may help them decide on outfits and thus avoiding the potential embarrassment of clashing colours in the wedding photographs.

Knowing the time of year that you will be getting married means that you could incorporate the season into the colour scheme of your wedding. A Christmas wedding might reflect warm golds and reds whereas an Autumn celebration might choose oranges and greens. A summer wedding will normally be bright primary colours and a Spring event could use yellow.

You are cordially invited to

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Another decision will be whether to use shop bought, homemade or use professionally handmade wedding invitations. There are so many designs to choose from so this could well be the toughest decision to make. Shop bought may be cheaper but might not fit your specifications. Homemade will be a cheaper option but make sure you research your materials and put aside plenty of time so you don’t get stressed. Bespoke invitations that are made exactly as you want them are a very special touch and will be treasured by everyone who receives one. For more information visit

Will your wedding be tradition or ultra modern, chic or funky? Your invitations should reflect what the style will be. The wording and information will reflect the style of the day. Invitations will most definitely need to be posted as an emailed invite will just not cut it in the world of wedding etiquette. Remember that invitations are often kept as family keepsakes and placed in photo albums and collections so your invitations are also an investment in family heritage.

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Take some time to decide what you both want from your upcoming nuptials. Discuss the theme, colours and effects of the time of year. Think about whether you are tradition or a bit more edgy and don’t forget to factor in some extra wedding budget for all the stamps you will need.

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