10 questions you should ask yourself before starting your Social Media strategy

Companies are already aware of the need to develop your online presence effectively. Therefore they pose a strategy of Social Media; a task that is not free of doubts and insecurities. These are some of the most important issues to consider:

What are you trying to achieve?

Having a goal is the main base before designing any action. You must be clear what is your goal in social networks. Since capture the attention of the target audience, to get more downloads of your ebook, to increase the number of budget requests. If you do not know what you want to get from your actions on social networks, it is as if you dedicate yourself to shoot into the air.

Social Media Logotype BackgroundWhat social networks are the most effective for my business?

A very important point. Which has 1,150 million Facebook followers not mean it is the best platform to reach your target audience. Possibly, if you are a B2B, LinkedIn is the platform that deserves to take much of your budget.

In what will you be?

Everything will depend on your resources. You may need to be on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest, but if you think coolly, just have good ability to manage more than two of them. Choose the most relevant and focus on them.

Who will manage social profiles?

A good question, which often do not get the right answer. The head of the online communication of the company must be a qualified person with experience in this area, and a thorough understanding of the company.Training in this area is so scarce as necessary, therefore, it is important to have professional support, especially at first; as inexperience can play tricks.

How often do you publish on social networks?

The Social Media is not an exact science. The greater or lesser amount of content depends on the subject matter, the type of followers and volume of the company. Not always a large company has to provide more content than a small, strongly influences the sector. Sometimes the brand itself and its products are able to generate engagement, so that the activity is mainly based on interacting with users. Each brand is different.

What kind of content you publish?

Above all meet two premises: interesting and original. The purpose of content is to capture the attention of your audience. Therefore, it must be able to stand out.

Do I need to use social networks as a channel for customer?

Customers use channels to approach 2.0 marks, and hope that they respond to them. Social networks are not a speaker, but a two-way platform, where reigns the free exchange of information. Furthermore, such interactions are a great opportunity for brands to approach your audience and connect with them one on one.

What to do to convert visitors into customers?

There is no foolproof formula to generate sales in social networks.Everything depends on the degree of engagement is achieved with users.Thus, the brand will get gain a foothold in the minds of customers, and thereby encourage conversion. On the other hand, contests and promotions work especially well in Social Media. They manage to attract customers interested and encourage them to action.

How to calculate the ROI?

Another big challenge for brands on social networks. It is not that impossible, but the multi-device and cross-user behavior makes it very difficult to establish where the customer who has purchased wine.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you?

Leave your profile, and thus your company image in Social Media. There is nothing more devastating to a Facebook wall that takes months without updating, or verify that the last tweet occurred weeks ago. This is nothing but a result of a lack of strategy, and breach of the issues discussed in the preceding paragraphs.

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