Engagement? There is one thing we need to know about him

It ‘s amazing how possible that such pages can generate such a high interaction: from 4 million to 1 million comments per post on average, even cases like MTV Roadies reaching generate an average of almost 450,000 comments post!

Even to appear published this information, the comments revolved around the fact that the content generated by the greater “engagement” was religious, and even his hook was so powerful that it could overcome the effect created by a teen idol of the stature of Justin Bieber. A whole surprise for our traditional marketer mind, right?

However, I have an important idea to discuss with you and for that, I played a little with Excel and added to the table above, rather than a column titled “Royal Engagement”.

Engagement There is one thing we need to know about himIt appears in the following figure:

“Royal Engagement” represents the percentage of fans of each company / brand that are interacting with the content posted on the page.

Seeing this column, reality changes significantly, right?

In the first table, Justin Bieber saw a # 5 ranking in the top 20 “Top Engagers” and then we see the same Justin, in the second table, lowering of the # 5 to # 18. Why the difference ?

Let’s start by defining what “Engagement”, right? This word comes from English and translated “commitment”. Pushed to the plane of marketing, and social networking, the “engagement” or commitment refers to how much or little that a user is involved with a particular brand, demonstrating this by the number of times the user comments, share or like the information shared by the brand.

And here’s the concern that I share with you and about which we talked today. Who is the “Top Engager”? That one that generates the largest number of comments on each of its entries, or who has the largest number of users actually involved with the content you publish?

And, you see, we fall immediately in the field of quantity vs. Quality: What is worth it? Having a huge number of users who do not speak with you? Or have few users but most of them talk animatedly whenever you post something? Where else enrichment occurs? Where there is more potential?

If you look at the “Royal Engagement” column of Figure 2, tell me if you can also draw the following conclusions:

  • The content still generates the “engagement” or stronger commitment from users is still the religious. It is probably for his deeply emotional, but that’s a topic for another day.
  • Daily Jesus not remains the # 1 but has a “Real Engagement” of 45%. Forty-five percent! i.e. out of 100 members, 45 react to published content, or rather, almost half!
  • Justin Bieber stop being so flamboyant and named (nothing personal, Justin, just numbers :-D) and goes from # 5 to # 18 of the “Top Engagers” and even when impress the million comments generated by their posts in average, these represent only 3% of their fans, that is, out of 100 members, only 3 react to the content or rather again 97 users remain silent!

And that’s a really fundamental difference.

Although having a huge fan base for your business page on Facebook, obviously it represents a direct and immediate opportunity to reach more people, it is the “Royal Engagement” or the actual commitment of each of your users what it tells you that the content you post is reaching them directly to the heart.

Do you realize the difference? Even if your ego can feel magnified to hear that you have millions of fans and generate thousands of comments, the how many know your users are really committed to the brand, can help you decide if things are doing well or not, or simply more clearly define your goals.

In your social media plan, where is your priority? In the quantity or quality?

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