All business models and jobs of the future will be collaborative

For the new digital environment and market requirements, more and more companies with business models are created XXI century. With very collaborative models. Whether for projects with a fixed term, with the creation of various specialized equipment (and even virtual) profiles, the development of networking value and strategic partnerships necessary for growth.

All business models and jobs of the future will be collaborativeCompanies hire exactly what they need when they need. Now our success is measured by our ability to demonstrate and innovate, because it no longer depends on where you live or titles you accumulate. They not love you for what you do, but what they get. The markets are polarizing and permanent jobs for life in a company are disappearing. Many companies prefer to hire specialized external services rather than new employees. Also, the world is becoming so specialized that it is impossible for one person to master all the technology and trends and need professional support of your network and / or Subcontracting.

Work by projects with a fixed duration, creating a virtual team can be with the talent of anyone in the world and will need to grow, strategic partnerships will be key in the new collaborative economy, etc. The paradigm has changed and the work of the future is to have talent and be connected to a network of contacts developed. Even, I think Multilevel Marketing will have much to say in the coming decades.

According to Thomas Frey, “60% of the best jobs in the next decade have not yet been invented.” We must be prepared for jobs that do not yet exist tools that have not been developed to solve problems that are not raised.

Therefore, they survive companies use technology to adapt their business models and professionals with personal brand that constantly innovate, have an open mind, have a network of contacts developed and demonstrate their talent to work on multiple projects throughout his life with companies that are anywhere in the world. It is not easy, but nobody said it was.

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