Quality is essential to make a difference by adding value to the rise of Marketing content

During the past year, especially, they have been publishing a multitude of information about the importance of Marketing Content, What is it ? What’s the use? How to carry out the appropriate strategies?

The consultancy eMarketer recently published study by Ascen2 and Research Underwiters; The study concluded that the creation and content marketing tactics were the most effective and also the most difficult to implement in Inbound Marketing strategy for companies to B2B B2C.

Quality is essential to make a difference by adding value to the rise of Marketing contentThis is probably because the tactics of Inbound Marketing focus on creating quality content that will push users to companies or products, where they would be positioned naturally. Aligning the content that is published with the interests of customers, naturally it attracts incoming traffic that businesses can turn into leads, sales, etc. .

The content creation part undoubtedly an analysis of the needs of our customers and strategies for meeting these needs include all tactics that allow us to better approach the individualities and particularities of each.

If we consider one of the last and most important studies published by CMI (Content Marketing Institute), with data professionals Marketing B2B in the US, this among other points as 93% of companies use and Marketing contained in their strategies against 91% last study and value with 42% these actions as effective.

Likewise yields data as:

  • 66% has a real marketing strategy Content and documented within the corporate plans.
  • They use an average of 7 different platforms to disseminate the contents.
  • They spend an average of 39% of the marketing budget in the creation and distribution of content.
  • SMEs are the ones that take into account the content marketing strategies.
  • It generates more content than the previous year (78% versus 57%).

If we consider the tactics and methods used for the creation and dissemination of content, we could say that:

The infographic is the medium that has grown in use in 2013, 51% versus 38% in 2012, while still creating and publishing post in blogs and corporate website and email marketing, the media most used 87% and 80% respectively. In turn, has increased the use of social networks and treated B2B companies, Linkedin is the most used, followed by twitter.

The most persecuted in the strategies objectives are branding and Notoriety (82%), lead generation (74%) and customer acquisition (71%)

Finally the use of metrics to test and measure the effectiveness of actions, pass among others, by taking into account the traffic generated to the sites, attracting quality leads, the number of times the content is shared in networks social and SEO.

It would be interesting to marketers include content strategy as part of the marketing strategy as it is a trend that positions us in our future customers as experts and referents.

We must be able to make a difference by adding value to what we offer our clients, generating quality content to provide information on what is in the interest of recipients and especially reaching them through the number of channels required.

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