5 trends we’ll all be wearing from the catwalks this spring

The spring/summer collections for 2019 have hit the shops, and they’re hotter than ever. From noose hoodies to shackled models, there’s been a lot of controversy on the catwalk this winter as the summer clothes have been showcased. Which of these trends have hit the shops and which ones will we be wearing from spring?

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1. Utility Shorts

Those of us who prefer to keep the very upper echelons of our thighs covered up will be relieved to hear that functional, utility-style shorts are going to win over hot pants or tiny denim cutaways. This year’s shorts are looser and less fitted than in previous years, but they are likely to come in a wide range of patterns, colours and materials.

2. Tiny pleats

As the pleat trend evolves, they’re getting smaller. Tiny pleats were seen on both skirts and dresses on the catwalks. These micro pleats have the added bonus of aiding better movement than wider pleats and being more flattering.

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3. Fantastic flats

Every few years, flat shoes come back with a bang, and that’s because we all prefer being comfortable to having aching soles. This year’s flats have had a seriously fancy make-over, however. Flats with tassels, flats with feathers, flats with fake fur… there really is nowhere this trend can’t go. Expect to see shoes in the season’s top colours and patterns such as green, yellow, animal print and neon.

4. Tie-Dye

The fashion world has finally come back to the funkiness that is tie-dye. Seen on T-shirts, hoodies and maxi dresses (https://www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses), tie-dye is the perfect laid-back summer choice. Want to go for a truly authentic look? Make your own tie-dye clothes at home!

5. Big hats

Whether you have a wedding to attend or you simply want to make a statement, an oversized hat is the perfect accessory for spring and summer 2019. This trend covers everything from wide-brimmed and beekeeper hats to straw hats, floppy hats and fab ’90s bucket hats. As with all the best fashion trends, oversized hats have a practical bonus: they’re good for protecting your face from the sun. They also look super sassy!

Will you be wearing any of these trends? Come back for five more trends for spring from the catwalks in our next fashion post.

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