What hot water cylinder size is right for my home?

Choosing the right hot water cylinder for your home can seem like a daunting task. Most homeowners have limited knowledge on such matters and tend to shy away from asking important questions as a result. However, picking the right type of system to store your hot water is very important, especially since it’s going to cost you money! So, how can you tell what will be the most suitable type of hot water cylinder for your home?

One of the first matters you need to take into consideration is your homes individual sizing requirements. Installing an incorrect sized cylinder can lead to many problems. For example, if you accidentally choose one that is too small for your home, this can lead to insufficient supplies of hot water. On the other hand, installing one that is far too big can skyrocket your heating bills as you will be using too much heat, with the likelihood of excess heat being expended as a result.

Choosing a heating cylinder according to its size will provide an efficient hot water supply to your home. It will not only make an impact on how the system works, but it will also ensure that you never waste a drop of hot water. Before installing your heating cylinder, make sure that you have chosen a size and style that meets your specific heating requirements. Once you have determined this from the beginning, you will be able to enjoy a flawless hot water system from the very start of the installation process.

Installing the perfect heating cylinder decreases your carbon footprint. This is because you will not use too much heat and you will never overuse as a result. This helps to protect the environment and on top of that, it will also have a great impact on your finances. Nobody wants to be charged any more than they have to on their heating bills. Installing the wrong size can take a serious toll on your wallet. It will be more expensive to buy and install, but unfortunately, the steep price tags won’t stop there! Since you’ll be using a much bigger cylinder than necessary, it is likely that you will end up spending more on heated water than you need and thus your heating cylinder will operate less efficiently.

If you want to make a good investment for your home or business, take time and learn what size cylinder is most appropriate for your home. A great way to learn the right size is by asking a professional such as a contractor or plumber. However, you can also skip all the hassle and measure your heating cylinder size requirements by using Copper Industries’ handy Cylinder Sizing Calculator.

Don’t waste time and money, invest in the right sized heating cylinder and you will be able to enjoy the benefits long after initial installation. You can even have your water cylinder designed and measured to meet your specific needs. What more could you want?

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