Keys that can prevent a disaster before launching an app

Like it or not, the world of apps, is still relatively new and there is already a great wave of developers and entrepreneurs who focus on “core business” of their project to an app for smartphones or tablets. It is very clear that there are great business opportunities in this sector but that does not mean that bet on this channel is a guaranteed success.

If we look at first glance the best selling apps of all time in the apple store, we can get the first major conclusion:

– Leisure is what sets the trend in mobile devices: Facebook, Angry birds, Netflix … there is very little or practically no 100% focused to go to a professional utility, so if we want to create a “selling” for smartphones or tablets will be much easier to point to a leisure activity.

Keys that can prevent a disaster before launching an appKeys that can avoid a disaster before launch app

If you are determined to launch an app it would be advisable to make a previous study on each of these points:

1- Get a 100% usable app: you have to get locate the user in the center of everything. The litmus test is giving it to test your grandfather and not see it as impossible. To consider:

– Knowing how to combine content, programming and creativity to make it usable and intuitive.

– Do not add unnecessary items

2- Are you sure you’re solving a real need: this is a crucial point. He thinks that if you are not substantially improve an application that users have welcomed or providing useful functionality will be very difficult to get many downloads. Aside for games that their only mission is to be entertaining and fun provided you do not have an educational background function mention.

3- Study well the context in which it will be used the app: for this and in my opinion we must respond clearly to these questions:

– When will be downloaded the app?

– What time will you be helpful?

– Who will use it?

4- Plan marketing and integrated business model from the beginning to a coherent development and not give swerving should be clear how we are going to sell and monetize the application. Commonly there are 3 options:

– Model “free” advertising for all users

– Model “Fremium”: free entry application with paid content for advanced users

– App 100% payment

5- Define shrewdly launch strategy: there are some actions that can help a lot to get a good position in the apple store:

– Campaign Media

– Social Media Campaign

– Shares RRPP

6- Enter a viral outbreak: a famous example may be that of the “lives” in the game “candy crush” being able to grant lives in social networks makes it even more addictive application. Anything that requires 2.0 communications between users and the app is the drive shaft is frankly influential for the smooth running of the project.

7- Do not forget the “Android” system and develop also thinking of him

This year, the universe of apps will generate $ 25,000 million in revenue, a figure highly respectable global trend but it is also true that 90% of developers earn less than $ 35,000 per app, that leads us to believe that the business is very focused on the “big players” and that good projects are needed to avert disaster.

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