The keys to successfully automate your online marketing strategy

Automation online marketing strategies is one of the fields you have, no doubt, more travel in the coming years. Until recently, marketers could automate certain repetitive tasks such as sending emails, for example, and even some CRM helped make these processes effectively, but to automate the whole strategy was a pipe dream.

Right now, we are fortunate that they have come on the market, some for some time now, the tools called “all in one” or all in one. What are they? They are tools that allow you to work all the techniques of inbound marketing strategy in one place and with the same scorecard.

The keys to successfully automate your online marketing strategyWhat must have a tool functions “all in one”?

This type tools, the use will allow you to have a scorecard centralized for the whole strategy and more importantly, they are designed so you can work all the buying cycle of your client (the specifics a little later). A couple of examples would be HubSpot or Marketo. To choose you must have the following functions:

– A CMS (content management system) or similar: this is a system that allows you to integrate your website with software and modify any of the content of the web within the same tool.

– Paragraph keyword: place where we have to show what keywords that bring more traffic are, and most importantly, how well or poorly convert into sales. It is focused on search engine optimization.

– Creation function “landing pages”: this is where you can “make” landing pages for your email marketing campaigns or online advertising.

– Forms and CTA: to develop forms of contact and “call to action” on your website or landing pages.

– Tool qualification of leads (you read scoring) and maturation of leads (lead nurturing): qualification processes (0 to 10) contacts to see if they are “hot” , “cold” or. And the process to accompany those colder at the time of purchase leads. Here’s integrated email marketing tool.

– Community management functions: here you can deliver content, monitor relevant conversations or some measure the impact of campaigns on social networks.

– Functions web analytics

The keys to automate your online marketing strategy

After selecting the tool that is going to work, the points to consider are:

1- Specific training: these tools need “a few hours of flight.” To consider HubSpot you have on your web page section of HubSpot academy to facilitate this process.

2- The possibility of working all customers buying process: to know the buying cycle of your customers (AIDA).

In many companies we find that marketing automation for them is to launch emails with offers to “hunt” users who are in the last two stages. Now, with these tools, “all in one” we can automate strategies for working the first two by providing relevant content and accompany them to mature and reach the time of purchase.

3- Focus on the customer shopping experience: aside from having everything centralized, controlled and automated you cannot forget the impression left to the customer with all interactions have had with your website.

Do you consider important to automate all marketing strategies? Do you think are useful the “all in one” tool?

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