What exactly is CNC Milling

There are many new technologies and feats of engineering that appear almost on a daily basis and each one brings along with it many new benefits and improved ways of working. CNC Milling is one such technology. It is provided by companies like https://www.parallelprecision.co.uk/cnc-milling  and is not something that you hear about everyday but it is (like most new technologies) very interesting.

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CNC or Computer Numerical Control to give it its full title is used in conjunction with lots of different, relatively new technologies with one of these being CNC Milling. This process is remarkably similar to drilling or cutting and uses a cutting tool that is usually cylindrical in shape that rotates in a variety of different directions to cut out a specific item. This makes it more flexible than a drill that can essentially only move in up and down directions. The cylinder can move in multiple directions meaning that it can create highly accurately cut products and the shapes and holes that can be created with the CNC mill are virtually limitless.

If you think of movement in terms of axis with A being across or horizontal, B being up or vertical and C being diagonal, a CNC mill can operate across all of these axis’ where as a drill can only operate in B – the vertical axis. Other technologies can be incorporated with the CNC to further enhance the shapes that can be cut and most of the machines will have a device fitted that pumps fluid to the cutting whilst it is in production mode so as to keep the elements lubricated.

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The possibilities, in terms of the materials that can be cut using a CNC mill are endless and the machinery can cut through wood, metal, concrete and anything else that you can think of. There are different bits that are added to the CNC tool depending on the material that is being cut. Much like there are different drill bits depending on what you are making a hole in. In reality the CNC mill is primarily used for cutting metal.

As mentioned there are a number of items that can be made with this type of machinery but they tend to be used for items that are produced in vert short batches and also for those items that need to be cut in high detail or into complex shapes.

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