Exercise with your best friend

Obesity is an increasing problem in the western world with obesity being one of the leading causes of cancers, heart disease and other serious, life-threatening conditions. Many people hate the thought of spending hours on end in a gym surrounded by people who are in the peak of fitness. But there are many other ways that you can exercise to help both lose weight as also benefit your mental wellbeing.

If you are a dog owner your pet is your best workout buddy. Once you have made sure that you have suitable Dog Collars and Leads like those you can find at iwoof.com you can start you exercise regime with your doggy friend by your side. It is important that you both stay hydrated out on your walks so you should take some water both for yourself and your companion.

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Here are a couple of suggestions for you.

Walk it off

Walking is one of the best exercises that you can do, and you can mix up the location and pace depending on your strength, time available and the weather. Your dog will enjoy a nice long walk with your through woodland areas and perhaps taking a nice stroll across a dog friendly park where you can stop and play catch with a frisbee or tennis ball. It is amazing how simply talking your dog out for a couple of walks a day and perhaps a longer walk on the weekends will soon see you increasing your daily steps and you will notice the difference in your energy levels and in your body. It is important to remember your dogs’ limits though as small breeds and those with short fur will start to feel the effects of the outdoor temperatures much quicker than bigger, fluffier breeds.

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Watch the treats

Many dog owners use treats as a way of rewarding their dogs for good behaviour, however doing this too often can see your dog start to put on weight, especially if they don’t get much exercise. This is just the same for us. Too many high sugar and high fat treats and not enough movement lead to obesity in the long run. You can reward your dog with your affection just as effectively as you do with treats or perhaps break a treat in half on your daily walk and have half of it on the way and half on the way back. That trick also works for the treat you take for yourself!

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