These 4 Tips Will Make Your Employees Want to Come To Work

If you ask those who claim to love their job, the key reasons for this will generally be their colleagues or their working environment. Forward-looking employers who are in touch with the people that work for them have begun to realise that the environment they provide can directly affect engagement, well-being and even creativity.

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1. Invest in Property

Whether you look at staff as an investment or a cost, you will need to commit to an outlay in looking after them. Creating an engaging work space is important – like you would with your home, treating it well and spending money wisely can add value to your property and your business by showing the best candidates that you take their well-being seriously.

2. Take Advice

Think about what suits the many, not the few. A location must be widely accessible, and not just for those that drive. Adding ‘personal’ touches on behalf of employees is a no-no – no one will feel comfortable. It’s worth taking advice from specialist consultants.

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3. Keep Space Flexible

Setting up the space so employees can work anywhere gives them more autonomy. Hot-desking is not a new theory and does work for many, though it’s important to have space to meet formally and informally.

4. A Smart Office Is Only Half the Battle

Applicants for jobs today want flexibility. Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and our lives are increasingly demanding. A beautiful work place is important, but the ability to be able to work remotely is also vital. Savvy employers are cottoning on that if they allow employees to work from other premises, like a home office, it can also save them money as the square footage required at their own premises is reduced.

For more tips on how to motivate your employees and make your workplace somewhere they want to be, see the advice from Life Beyond Numbers and make your workplace somewhere they never want to leave.

Of course, it can sometimes be easier to start with a blank canvas and opt for managed offices. Look at examples like for offices to let Basingstoke and ideas of where you could start.

Your office space will evolve, so don’t get complacent. Repairs and updates will be ongoing, so have someone to keep an eye on it.

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