Interesting facts about the roof above your head

The roof on top of your house, whatever its size, is incredibly important and without it you would be at the mercy of all types of weather. No one wants to be sitting watching their favourite television show and having to dodge the rain drops as they fall from above your head. If you are in need of help with your roof it is worth contacting who are a Roofing company Cheltenham. ereHere  Here are some interesting facts about roofs and roofing materials:

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Some of the roofing materials we use have been in existence for many years. The oldest materials include stone, clay and thatch. It is thought thatch for example was used in a round 5,000 BC and was a popular roofing option right up until 1,800 BC. Clay tiles have an even longer history with some recorded examples being used as far back as 10,000 BC.

The reason thatched roofs were so popular is due to the natural waterproof nature of the reed used. The reed pieces are bundled together and joined together in an incredibly tight manner. This means that the roof sheds any water that lands on it and a thatched roof can cope well with the impact of water, sleet and even snow.

The most common reason for leaks from your roof is that there has been damage to either the tiles or slates on your roof or to the waterproofing layer. Leaks do not instantly mean that you need a new roof and the sooner you deal with any of these types of issues the less likely there will be permanent damage that will result in a new roof being needed.  Also, don’t forget if you are looking for the culprit for your leak, water travels before it starts to drip down so the damaged tile could be in a different location to where you are experiencing a water leak.

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Many people, especially those who are environment conscious are choosing to have green roofs installed. These are essentially roofing that have plants growing on top of them. It is important that you maintain these, especially the water barrier area. The plants and soil that are installed protect your roof and the building underneath from water and sun damage and any extremes in temperature or fluctuations between the two.

Whatever your preferred choice for roofing material you should always seek the help roofing professionals for the installation.

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