The continuing demand for UK commercial property

It seems that the commercial property sector in the United Kingdom is in a state of flux. While demand for property within the commercial sector continues to increase, the number of actual properties available is falling. This is likely to result in higher rental fees being charged in many locations, which will no doubt send a shiver down the spine of many business owners.

The continuing demand for UK commercial property

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Much of the shortfall in available properties could be put down to a slowdown in growth in the UK construction sector as a whole, as reported in the Guardian; however, it is the commercial construction sector that has actually perhaps performed best during this halt in growth, with the domestic market suffering the most. Although the Guardian warned back at the beginning of May that the construction industry may experience a slump in fortunes due to the tight nature of the general election, the eventual clear-cut election result should have averted the slowdown.

Moving to the countryside

With commercial property within city centres and industrial parks now very much at a premium, a pleasing new trend for rural office space has emerged. With many of these rural commercial properties located in tranquil countryside, the benefits of working in such locations are numerous. The commute to work now becomes a relaxing pleasure rather than an exhausting chore, while the fresh, clean country air is vastly preferable to the choking atmosphere of the city. With the wellbeing of employees now high on the list of priorities, this can only be a good thing.  Be sure when buying a property to check the outside area as much as the inside.  Often advice will be sought for more rural property developers about land remediation services from companies such as

The commercial property future

With the price of commercial real estate forecast to continue on an upward trajectory, it is likely that many more business will start to look for an affordable alternative to higher rental charges. This could see more companies making the move into the countryside and enjoying the many advantages these rural locations bring to the table.

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