How to get more engagement with your followers on YouTube

Recently I reviewed the importance that will have YouTube in the article: “The C generation: how to take them into account for your marketing strategy”. One of the most important to bet on YouTube on your marketing strategy reasons is the high degree of probability to achieve more “engagement” (degree of user loyalty) to the brand that is producing this content. Only over some figures we realize the magnitude of the issue:

– 96% of Internet users consume online videos

– 76% browsing YouTube

– A YouTube video in Google search results receives more clicks than a text ad

How to get more engagement with your followers on YouTubeThe “engagement” goes through storytelling and look for a type of more indirect advertising through content that provides value to the user. Brands and are realizing and increasingly use YouTube for it. As an example I leave this campaign of AT & T:

How to get more engagement with your followers in YouTube

When you have the concept that you want to communicate a number of elements to consider to achieve more interaction with users and get more results for the brand in question:

1- Storytelling: Tries that the content is a “serial” with chapters so that people snagging. Make sure all parts have a sense with a recognizable story.

2 Custom design the channel itself: Can consider the following:

– Design an attractive header for the user

– Look it looks good on different devices (tablet, mobile …)

– Do a “trailer” on the content to be found

– You can opt for a different viewing for those who are subscribed

3- Optimizing Video for SEO: In this direction, you must think that the YouTube search engine works almost like that of Google. Therefore it is important:

– Make a study of keywords to the content we publish

– Optimize the video title, tags and description according to the study

4- The use of the CTA (call to action): “Call to action” are very important to achieve engagement. At the end of the day you are telling the user what they want to do. It may be the style “ask your budget” or “download an eBook” or “call”. The location of the message and its design can greatly influence the outcome too.

5- Achieve visibility quickly: For this, unless the video is extremely viral, the best solution is the payment platform YouTube. To find out how you can support works in the following video:

6- User value: One of the keys to reproductions, likes, interactions is to provide value as well because he can entertain or because reports on some interesting topic. For this, the duration of the video is also interesting to take this into account as short videos get better retain the audience.

A devastating statistic that has come out recently said that in the US in 2017, 65% of Internet traffic will be video. That has to make you think many marketers to become familiar with the video channel.

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