How to make a public relations plan for your startup?

When your project is at a very early stage or a baby literally, the most common is that almost nobody knows your startup, of the few who know are in your circle closer and need to publicize your proposal value with minimum money possible. For this, it makes sense to develop a public relations plan and means to achieve maximum impact with these two main intentions:

– Get your first customers and validate your business model

– Excite the maximum number of people and born the first solid collaborations

How to make a public relations plan for your startupRecommendations to start with your plan public relations

Before taking action, I think that there are some preliminary tasks to consider:

  1. Monitor a little area where your startup is located: You can use a tool such as brand chats to identify through social networks profiles who is influential worth contacting.
  2. Do not shoot at all: It is important to monitor for selection people, media and relevant communities. More than anything because you can spare no resources and better tune from the start.
  3. It works different formats: The ideal is to tell a complete “press kit” with items, definition of the company, several photos and a video of viral character.
  4. Think about the lifestyle of your potential customers: In which social networks are, what blogs they read, what are their hobbies, what products consume … All this will make you look possible points of online and offline meeting?
  5. Storytelling: As you know, people you like stories and also better retain data when they go accompanied by a thread. Make history of your startup for the market.

Actions to boost your specific startup

Some of the actions that can be performed include:

  • Press release for more traditional means: For this purpose companies have digital character where you can post a press release and they spread you at a reasonable price. This is the case communicate.
  • Hone personal network: Not much to comment on, sometimes for reasons of shame or laziness opportunities we had near lost.
  • Shares bloggers: Here is not worth all the bloggers send a note standard published press because hardly anyone. A level of SEO can penalize them. I at least would not … Here we must seek to attach pieces of different content, with some story or relevant news. Or what works well is to attach an article of interest where there is a mention and link to your startup. It will not be as visible but will gain more credibility and effectiveness.
  • Riding a webinar of interest: If you identify well the problems you solve and the target audience can ride a briefing in online format (webinar), give that information value and enter your startup activity.
  • Viral actions: If you have the opportunity to make an entertaining or funny video to publicize your startup can be an effective long action as it fits in the overall communication strategy.
  • Events, conferences and events: Go to any event where you think that may be your customers, interact with them because the context does not matter if your message is genuine.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to go customizing messages by the media or context as it will be much more effective and as if no evidence various actions that you can identify not expect different results.

What are for you the key factors for good public relations plan?

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