Springtime in the Garden

Despite the strange weather at the end of February, with the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma bringing some very wintry weather to the United Kingdom, it is actually spring time, and time to start thinking about the work that needs to be done in the garden in preparation for the summer.

A lot of the work in the Springtime is pruning. Plants need to be pruned to ensure that they are in good health and looking their best for the summer when they are in full bloom. It is particularly important to prune roses at this time. Individual roses vary slightly, but as a general guide make sure that you are cutting with sharp secateurs and you may want to use a pruning saw for larger stems. Make sure that you cut out all the dead or diseased stems and cut no more than 5mm above a bud. It is best to check your rose though as it may have more specific guidelines to follow.

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This is also the time of the year to plant bulbs that flower in the summer. Bulbs are perfect for planting in garden borders and in pots and containers adding a nice splash of colour to the garden. Hardy bulbs like daffodils and tulips like to be in a dry and sunny place in the garden so bear that in mind when you are planting them.

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It is a good time to make extra modifications to your garden at this time aswell. If you want to add something a little different, Corten metal sculptures http://www.afsculpture.uk/portfolio_page/corten-metal-sculptures/ are perfect additions to the garden. Also, now is a good time to think about garden furniture. Getting last years furniture out of the shed and giving it a good clean, or if your furniture has had its day or you fancy a change, then have a think about new furniture. Think what it is that you are looking for and remember to consider the size and shape of your garden – sometimes what looks good in a shop can look out of place in the garden. It is a good idea to measure what size you would like so that you don’t get carried away by displays whilst out shopping!

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