Signs you need a duvet day

Are you feeling stressed out? Or do you simply feel like a day off would help rejuvenate you? Then you might be in need of a duvet day. Unsurprisingly, in a recent survey, a third of people believe duvet days are a great idea and that they help with stress and anxiety.

Here are some tell-tale signs you might need a duvet day:

You feel the need to rest

For a healthy and happy lifestyle, getting enough rest is absolutely vital. Too many of us get used to burning the candle at both ends and then regretting the fallout. Listen to your body and take time to take it easy on yourself. A rested mind and body will be more energetic and productive, enabling us to be responsive to our busy lives and not just reactive.

Increasingly, as a society we are becoming more aware of mental and physical health being equally as important as each other. Just as you would need to take time off for suffering from the flu, duvet days can help when we are feeling mentally fatigued.

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Your workload is getting you down

Perhaps you’ve taken on extra work recently or your job role might have changed. Either way, the adjustments might be taking some time to get used to. A duvet day could give you time to reassess and reaffirm what needs to be done at work. A little rest and some perspective can make all the difference. Make it even more special with a new bed. For Gloucester bed sales from

You’re feeling stressed

Wouldn’t it be great if employers could recognise when their staff were feeling anxious and stress and prescribe a duvet day to help with their well-being? If you’ve tried all your usual coping techniques but you’re tired, grumpy and not your usual self, a duvet day could be on the cards.

Working from home suits you better

Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate in a busy office environment, leaving you feel overpowered and not performing as well as you can. Perhaps a duvet day with the laptop can help you get back in the swing of things. The convenience and flexible hours might be just the thing you need to get a project finished.

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You’re just not feeling yourself

Whether this is mentally or physically, you just feel off. Having a duvet day means you can recharge the batteries and be more productive and effective when you return to work.


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