The customer experience does not end when a sale is completed

We talk about the “shopping experience” we talk about the history that provokes the impact (emotion) and brings our customers closer to our brand, yes, without a doubt the year 2011 has given us a lot of information about how to capture our clients.

There are many actions, keys, steps, strategies, that seek and pursue the generation of a unique and parameterized brand history according to the needs of the target public. And there are also many recommendations given in relation to the need to prevent and manage crises properly.

Again we are faced with the need to review the main premises of customer service in order to clarify the concepts that allow us to understand what “customer experience” means globally, how conditioned evangelization is with the customer service. client.

An indispensable part of the consolidation of an influential brand at the present time, it focuses on the way in which crises are managed, understanding by crisis, any malaise that derives in a claim of a customer to the brand for a poor service.

We must remember that the business plan can be full of “good intentions” however, only when these are tangible – which does not mean that mistakes can not be made – is that we managed to consolidate a social brand.

The change from the inside

Beyond the strictly business aspect, customer service has always been a sensitive issue and a frequent cause of customer abandonment. It is not easy to maintain a 100% generous position and leave aside our – always present – defense weapons and disclaimer when the crisis explodes.

We generally tend to pay little attention to customers without realizing that they are the reason why our brand exists. Accepting that the decision has ceased to be our prerogative and transform our society into a social one, is essential to deliver a quality customer service.

The relationship with the client does not end with the sale

Another big mistake, too frequent and widespread cause of the failure of the marketing strategy of brands, we find in the false belief that the sale is completed, no more effort is necessary.

The lack of coherence between the “history” transmitted, a reality outside the message promulgated, in short, a poor post-sale service, is what results in the outbreak of a fire in social networks.

That is why only ensuring the coherence of the team, only doing what we say we are going to do and having prepared the contingency plan necessary to assume responsibilities and compensate for poor service, we achieve that the customer experience is global and transforms into the horizontal and sustained growth of our brand.

For this purpose it never hurts to remember some of the premises and maxims of customer service that we should always keep in mind.

  • The customer before anyone
  • Do what you promise
  • Do not expect the client to ask for more
  • There is nothing impossible when you want
  • There is only one way to satisfy the customer, give him more than he expects
  • For the customer, your brands make the difference
  • Failing is not making a mistake
  • The quality of service is not measured by brands, but by consumers
  • We must always improve
  • Working as a team is no longer an option, it is the best strategy to achieve customer satisfaction
  • A dissatisfied employee generates dissatisfied customers
  • No matter how good a service is, it can always be improved

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