Customers demand a multichannel experience but businesses do not measure up

One of the main demands by users enjoy an experience is integrated across all channels. A desire that is not ready to be fulfilled, at least in the short term, as recorded for that purpose eMarketer report.

The positive note is that users themselves are aware of the need to ensure an integrated shopping experience. The survey conducted in June by Retail Systems Research between retailers around the world indicated that 84% of them considered very important progress in this area, in every way.

Customers demand a multichannel experience but businesses do not measure up80% consider fundamental fact fully display their products in all channels, along with applying same pricing policy (53%) and offer a comprehensive tracking requests related to customer service (73%). On the other hand, 64% commitment to join efforts in the areas of social media, mobile marketing and e-commerce. However, very few companies fulfill their purposes; only 20% of respondents claimed to have achieved full integration, to be under development.

With the intention is not enough

A large part of companies and retailers have not yet been able to unify their online and offline strategies. The thin line is virtually nonexistent for consumers seems insurmountable for many companies. Among the initiatives that have made progress, as reflected in September’s report IBM Tealeaf and Econsultancy, 63% of retailers included on its website, information about your physical store, such as the location, shape contact and schedules.

Also, 38% made manifest its presence in social networks, also in the stores, while 31% commitment geolocation, helping to do a mobile strategy, and 17% offer wireless access to their clients. It is small advances that shorten distances between customers and retailers, facilitating communication, regardless of the means chosen for it.

There is still long way to go, but the important thing is to be aware of the need to definitely implement this solution. The main problem is the lack of sense of urgency, coupled with the lack of resources. On the one hand, sales in physical stores still dominate the market, while it is necessary to invest in technological innovation and modernization of equipment, a challenge that not all companies are able to assume.

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