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Working in an untidy and chaotic office environment can be detrimental to not only your employee’s health and wellbeing but might also have an impact on their productivity. Your staff are busy working away at their day jobs and to ask the to clean the office would also have an impact on morale. The best way to combat an untidy office is to look for an Office Cleaning Cheltenham firm like who can help out with all of your commercial cleaning needs.

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Here are some of the positive impacts that a clean, hygienic and clutter free environment can have on your employees:

  • Better attendance – Having staff off sick is stressful for any business owner and although it is an occupational hazard you can help to reduce the spread of viruses and illness caused by bacteria. There are thought to be in excess of 8,000 bacteria on your standard keyboard and the flu virus can survive on surfaces for around 24 hours. By having your office surfaces cleaned on a regular basis you can help to reduce the instances of illness, although you will never be able to eradicate them completely.
  • What will people think – we all know that first impressions count, and an unorganised and cluttered office can be a massive turn-off for your potential and existing customers. They want to feel cared for and in safe hands and not being able to lay your hands on their paperwork because of the pile of paper on your desk doesn’t inspire confidence. This also related to your employees. It is important that they well valued and you may find that staff move on quickly if they continually have to move items to get through aisles and if the first thing they have to do in the morning is navigate their way through a mound of washing up, so they can make their morning coffee.

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  • Modern day illness – stress is being tipped as the modern-day disease and many people are affected on a daily basis. High levels of stress can eventually lead to depression and anxiety and will definitely lead to an unhappy workforce. Trying to work in a cluttered environment is thought to have a massive impact on how clear your thought process is and your overall productivity.

So why not employee the services of a contract cleaner and improve your staff absence levels, employee morae and retention levels and overall happiness in the office.

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