The rise of online fashion as the icing on the success of e-commerce

After the recent arrival on the Internet of all brands from one of the largest Spanish fashion groups, affiliate, a leading company in results marketing, analyzes the growth of the sector in our country and defines the main benefits of affiliation in the development and dissemination of the same.

For two years we have been seeing an unstoppable growth of electronic commerce in Spain. The latest figures from the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) indicate that, during the first quarter of 2011, 30 million online transactions were made in our country, of which 963,000 were destined for fashion and accessories, constituting a value of more than 71 million euros.

Currently, more than four million Spanish Internet users between 18 and 50 years old recognize having bought fashion through Internet, according to a report recently published by the Business Association of Textile Trade and Accessories (ACOTEX). Apparently, as the consultant Nielsen indicates, this figure will only increase, since 44% of Spaniards plan to make purchases related to fashion in the network within the next six months, also being the second category in intention of purchase throughout Europe. In addition, this evolution will be supported by the recent disembarkation of all Inditex brands (Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, Stradivarius and Uterqüe) on the Internet, a year after Zara did it, as well as the great figure of online retail , Amazon, in the Spanish market.

It seems that finally the obstacles faced by the online marketing of clothing begin to be saved. Factors such as the impossibility of testing the garments, touching the articles, checking the colors directly … which traditionally represented an impediment for consumers, are being compensated thanks to the integration of various tools and applications by online retailers, which enable a shopping experience that is increasingly closer to that experienced in the physical store itself, such as advanced zooms, interactive gateways, 360º rotation options, return facilities, among other advances. And it’s working, because as the GSI Commerce’s Multichannel Fashion Report data reflects,

The boom of this sector in our country is a great opportunity not only for large merchants, but also for small businesses that can take advantage of the facilities that the online channel represents for the expansion of their business. Membership offers the following additional benefits as an online marketing channel:

Online distribution : as it happens in offline commerce, a precise brand of distributors to reach the final consumer. The greater the distribution, the greater presence in the market and, therefore, the greater possibility of generating sales. Affiliate marketing allows both traffic generation to the online store and direct sales through affiliate sites that can offer product catalogs and even product selections based on the tastes and preferences of its users, who can access the purchase of them directly through deep links.

Technology : affiliate platforms make available to advertisers various tools with which to provide users with access to their products, motivate their purchases, track and measure results and analyze purchasing trends. All these options enable the development of a segmented and effective marketing strategy at a considerably lower cost than usual, based on the results generated.

Measurement : as we have said, the technology of the platforms allows the measurement of the results obtained, and therefore the effectiveness of the actions carried out and the profitability of the investment made. Thanks to the flexibility of the affiliation, it is possible to adapt and specify the strategy based on the experienced results, as well as to carry out specific actions aimed at achieving specific objectives.

Innovation : the online market is characterized by its dynamism, and to be innovative at the same time as fast in the development of new concepts of marketing and tools is highly necessary. affilinet has a team of developers dedicated exclusively to this end, for the benefit of all its employees.

Optimization : It is not only worth being, but also optimizing is essential to guarantee the return on investment, especially when we talk about sales, where acquisition costs are a more important point. The incidence of affiliation in the ROI is one of the main characteristics of this channel that only entails a cost for the advertiser when a previously established result has been produced.

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