Boost Your Business Prospects with a Professional Website

In this digital age it is absolutely essential for every business, big or small, to have a website. Consumers are wired in to the notion of researching their potential purchase options before making any buying decisions. If you do not have an internet presence where they can find your company, you are not giving yourself the best chance of competing in the marketplace and risk missing out on potential sales. Fortunately, getting a good website in place is easier than you might think.

Boost Your Business Prospects with a Professional Website

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Form and Functionality

The first decision to make is what you need your website to do. It will be the first port of call for many of your potential clients, so it needs to offer a clear outline of the services you provide. Other information about your company’s ethos and history, management team and any significant projects or clients can be included.

If you use your website to allow customers to shop online for your products, it is also essential to ensure it is easy to navigate and offers a secure encrypted paying platform. Whilst most businesses are aware of the need for a website, a recent Online survey found that up to 80% of micro-business websites are simply not fit for purpose. Your website must allow you to regularly and easily update the content as well as have the functionality for tasks such as uploading photos, managing a blog and plugging into a social media feed.

Consider too the impression that you want to create. Lots of bright colours and a busy template will give your website a quirky feel, whereas more neutral shades and a cleaner layout look more professional.

Spread the Word

Once your website is established, you need to attract traffic to it. Using SEO keywords in your web content is a good way to ensure that your company appears near the top of any internet searches a potential client may make for your products or services. But to really spread the word, make use of social media and raise awareness of your brand. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr allow smaller companies global potential client reach and mean that they can compete for market share with much bigger firms. Creating a discussion about your company on social media is an effective way to get your name known, allowing instant interaction with potential clients and helping to establish good relationships with customers. Varying the content with a mixture of blogs, photos and news releases on diverse social media platforms allows you to reach the largest possible target market.

Go Pro or Go Home

Enlisting the services of a company such as Hemel Hempstead web designers, makes the process simple and effective. Professional website design companies will be able to create a site that looks great but that also offers you the right functionality for your requirements. Unlike a free DIY site, you will not have to have any intrusive adverts for other products, and they can take care of all the hosting and maintenance too.

A good website that attracts plenty of traffic is an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy, extending your reach and generating additional income.

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