What are customers of marketing and advertising agencies expect?

Marketing agencies and advertising must be an integral part of the business, as customers consider. A well-oiled Swiss Army knife, although their functions sometimes can escape directly related to marketing and advertising.

As recorded by the study published by Domus and Harris Interactive, customers expect their agency is able to solve problems ranging from understanding your business goals (98%) and be perfectly aligned with them (90%) to provide solutions that they go beyond advertising and marketing themselves (60%), and even plantearles recommendations and ideas about new products or lines of business to increase profits (55%).

What are customers of marketing and advertising agencies expect87% believe that your company must constantly think about their needs, in order to proactively contribute ideas and solutions that take you to improve your business (85%). In short, you must be fully committed to the company and its objectives (85%).

For 55% of respondents, their agency is a strategic partner; a part that works side by side with them, and is there to help in making decisions about your business. An essential to ensure good track record of the organization element. But for another 30%, marketing agencies and advertising are one element; a necessary service for your company.

Are companies satisfied with the services provided by their agency or marketing department?

Overall, there is a positive attitude towards the work of the agency or internal marketing department and advertising companies:

Most (85%) consider their agency understands the objectives of the company and which is aligned (78%) and committed to them (72%).

Although these companies are satisfied in general terms with the agency they work for, there are certain differences. 82% of respondents have a complaint about the results and actions in their area of marketing and advertising, either internal or external.

Thus, 43% required to have more knowledge on the impact and ROI of your marketing strategy in your company. On the other hand, 33% would like your company will show new actions and proposals to improve results.

For 28% it is essential to begin leveraging the Big Data, while 22% would like to be able to segment your audience effectively.

It also highlights the commitment by these companies in the digital environment. 21% said they would like to have exclusively online marketing strategy to achieve their goals.

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