An Introduction to Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Carpets, curtains and upholstery may look lovely when brand new, but they are prone to marks and stains, and cleaning them isn’t always easy. Over the years a number of different cleaning technologies have emerged, but now there’s another option that is cost-effective, eco-friendly and readily available. Hot water extraction, or HWE, is another alternative to dry and steam cleaning, and it’s fast, efficient and gets results.

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The premise of HWE is simple. Rug technicians use industry-grade equipment that injects hot water under extremely high pressure into the fabric. The force of the water cleans the upholstery or carpet and restores it to its original clean condition.

How HWE Is Performed

With such a heavy focus on water use across the globe, you may be concerned that HWE uses a lot of water, but it uses less than dry cleaning and normal laundry.

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The process is actually quite simple, but it has been refined over time. To begin with, water is mixed with gentle detergents and heated inside the HWE equipment. The liquid is the injected under high pressure directly on to the stain. The stain is then dislodged, and this makes it easier to clean. If the stain is particularly stubborn, the specialist carpet cleaner will apply a chemical compound to soften it further. Once the stain has been dislodged, the machine is used to extract up to 95% of the moisture, leaving it almost dry.

Benefits of HWE

If you’re looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Gloucester, you can chat to about HWE and its available benefits, and you’ll soon find out that it can be used on everything from couches to carpets, futons to soft furnishing, curtains and so much more.

A professional with the correct equipment and know-how must perform this method of cleaning, but it comes with so many benefits. Aside from reducing wastage, this option is also ideal for people with allergies or who are sensitive to chemicals, as no harsh detergents are used.

This method also leaves your carpet or couch fresher for longer, as it can clean the entire thing, and it dries faster, so it’s not prone to picking up any extra dirt while damp. As an added benefit, no residue is left behind, so you won’t be able to see where the stain was removed either.

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