The Best Resources for Learning Web Design

A good website is usually the first thing any new business will prioritise when they are looking to start trading – sometimes before they even come into existence! Many people turn to the free website builders such as Weebly and Jimdo, and while these can certainly get your company visible and online, they are often quite limited in what they can achieve.

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If you really want your website to stand out, then you’re going to have to start learning. While it can be an intensive learning curve, the end product will be well worth it.

Trying your hand at developing a website is definitely a great idea, and taking advantage of the great resources below as much as you can will undoubtedly help you develop.

However, it is not for everyone – you may not have the time or the inclination to create your own website. In which case, it’s far easier to turn to someone like, a website design company in Gloucester, or one of the many wed designers already out there.

The following are the best free resources to become a web designer.


W3 has been around over 20 years but is still one of the most popular resources for aspiring developers today. It features a huge range of languages to choose from, and the simple clean interface never feels overwhelming.

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While it does offer paid courses too, the majority of CodeAcademy’s classes are free. The lessons are practical and interactive and a great way for new programmers to practise their craft. It has a big reputation and it’s easy to see why: it does a great job of getting you straight into programming with minimal fuss.


It’s easy to forget, but there are countless videos on YouTube that do a great job of helping you to learn just about anything. The advantage of watching a video is that you will get to see what is being done as it happens. Just be sure to be selective when picking your content creator, as there are no qualifications needed to post on YouTube!


Another brilliant and free resource to learn coding, FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organisation. It has a huge curriculum, and you can actually get hands-on real experience working for charities while you learn.

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