Alon Cohen: The Inventor of VoIP

There are some inventions that have existed long enough that we begin to take them for granted. What about the internet? Many may not realise that Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989.

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VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has many applications within the home and business environments.

Like the internet, the origins and invention of VoIP are a well-known story to those who work and are intensely interested in this technology.

Alon Cohen

An Israeli-born entrepreneur and businessman, Alon Cohen is credited with the invention of Voice over Internet Protocol technology. In 1989, Cohen helped found a company called VocalTec Inc., and he invented the particular audio transceiver that makes VoIP possible.

Alon Cohen radically changed the telecommunications industry through this invention. Despite his achievements and contributions of this industry, Cohen only has four patents to his name. He currently serves as executive vice-president and chief technology officer of

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In 2005, he was a recipient of the VOIP Visionary Award and was recognised in the Top 100 Most Influential Israelis.

Alon Cohen also attended the United Nations to represent Israel in negotiations to uphold VoIP standards globally.


VocalTec Communications Inc. was hailed as the first pioneer of VoIP and was the first company to offer this technology as an internet phone service. In 1996, VocalTec Communications became an early successful internet IPO.

VocalTec joined MagicJack in 2010, with other industry giants rising to prominence by introducing VOIP technology. Voice communication is key in increasing business accessibility.

Thanks to Cohen’s forward thinking, VOIP-powered business phone systems and long-distance calling are enjoyed by people worldwide and businesses of all sizes.

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Microsoft’s Skype, a consumer-level VoIP service, was one of the first to make an impact, with Apple’s Face-Time following suit. Face-Time made use of the handheld built-in cameras, emphasising the dramatic impact VoIP has had in the way we now communicate.

Mobile communication may always be defined by data plans and radio towers, and VoIP has replaced outdated and expensive long-distance calling for business and home phone systems. VoIP shows the future of business and home phone services, and it is testament to Alon Cohen’s talent and intelligence that he brought in this invention.

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