A Social Media strategy triumphs when ROI goes beyond sales

Tristán Elósegui, Director of online, social media and web analytics at iCrossing LATAM, advances the keys to making a social media strategy profitable

The expert has argued that “companies that think that social media is not effective, is because they can not measure the return on investment.”

More and more companies are changing a percentage of their marketing spend from traditional to digital, and much of this budget goes to the strategy in social networks. Tristán Elósegui, Director of Online Strategy at iCrossing LATAM, revealed this morning some of the keys to this growing trend, during the talk ” Conversing to convert: the basis of the success of a social media strategy”.

During this presentation, Tristán Elósegui has defended that to be successful in social media it is necessary to see beyond concepts such as communication and engagement. ” In social networks, a dialogue that generates interest and loyalty is one that is based on a content useful to the user and that is not focused only on talking about the brand itself.”

According to the expert, ” the main key point is to define the objectives. Being present in social networks is not an end in itself but a tool to achieve a series of returns . ” Elósegui has defended that, in addition, it must be profitable. “Therefore, when we develop a strategy in social media, our objectives in RRSS must go beyond sales “, he explains. ” We also have to measure other variables such as engagement, customer service, presence, feedback, connection with the consumer, the value of connected brands … ”

Tristán Elósegui proposes a new way to measure the Return on Investment ” translating in quantitative terms the added value of the strategy in social networks “. That is why, ” if a strategy is not profitable it may be because it is not calculating well “.

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