The digital distance between companies and customers

A few days ago, watching a Vodafone video in a humorous way, I thought about the vertiginous career of technology and how, through its influence, new habits and behaviors are generated in the user.

Not only have we left behind the vinyl record, the cassette or the video that gave us hours of cinema on demand in front of the television, but we have moved on to a more active participation that takes us from the sofa to the TDT, to tweeting with friends or to post something on Facebook.

And to the tests I refer when I see my partner focused on his smartphone with television as a musical thread and a guest who, between a snack and a tactile key, try to reinsert him into our conversation off at the table.

Thinking about it and the importance it has for companies to love their customers and know how to maintain and retain them, I found it hard to believe, assuming the scenario described, the great digital distance that exists between companies and customers.

To this day, and obviously I am referring to a general perception that may have and in fact has worthy and even notable exceptions, Spanish companies are exempt from strategy and planning in Marketing 2.0.

And as Roberto Carreras would say, it is due to the lack of knowledge on the part of companies about what to buy in Social Media. Being to be simply picks up the effect of an echo that propagates and propagates and that, unfortunately, often arouses more disenchantment than confidence.

Companies must understand that markets are conversations and that the increase of this active participation mainly through the PC or the smartphone is an unquestionable opportunity to get closer and better to our customers.

But before considering or not the need for a Marketing Plan 2.0 for a company we must understand that socialization is a continuous process that requires a firm commitment on the part of organizations.

It is not about jumping into the void without first having the foundations in your internal organization. What in a first day of work is a previous induction must settle in time with care allowing the worker to adapt and understand the viability of a project that goes beyond the understanding and execution of tasks or processes. The essence is not the routine but the understanding of what beats, recognizes and identifies an organization.

And so, from that introspection of what we are joining it and sharing it with our team we can start managing the Social Media ships towards our final client.

You are ready?

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