What are the latest trends in garage doors?

You might not think of the garage door as an important style feature of your home’s external appearance; however, they can be important when creating an overall aesthetic and atmosphere. As more people realise this, efforts to modify and customise garage doors are increasing.
Contemporary aesthetics

Modern architectural styles such as minimalism are being adapted to garage doors. This means sleek designs without embellishments, often in neutral colours such as black, white and grey. Roll-up or side sliding doors take up less physical space than the traditional swinging kind. To see modern garage doors Bristol, visit Up and Over Doors Ltd or another specialist.

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Everyone has their own personal taste and it is becoming easier to customise your garage door to your preferred colours and patterns, allowing the design to become part of the story of your home.


Garage doors are no longer confined to wood or steel; for example, aluminium is more lightweight and vinyl is highly durable. In some contemporary garages, full-view glass lets in light whilst blocking prying eyes.

Enhanced security

Additional reinforcement can be used to strengthen doors against physical assault. Electronic and digital security features, such as advanced locking systems, can also be used to enhance security. Some garage doors even use biometric locks, such as fingerprint scanners.

Environmentally friendly

Protecting the environment is an increasing priority for many people. Windows and doors, including your garage, are essential to energy efficiency. This means improved insulation and ventilation, with proper protection from draughts and moisture. Some garage doors are also made using recycled materials.

Smart features

Smart devices are becoming ubiquitous. Smart garage doors can be opened and closed remotely with the help of an app and can be integrated with wider home security systems and assistants, such as Alexa.

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The world of home design is constantly evolving, including innovations to alter the aesthetics of garage doors and make them more efficient in terms of energy, space and cost. They are also enhanced with modern technology and security features, allowing more customisation than ever before.

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