Can you store paint in the garage?

Getting it right when it comes to storing paint can be a challenge. The question many homeowners ask is; can I store paint in my garage? We look at the benefits of storing paint in the garage, and why it might just be the best place for it.

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Storing paint in the garage – basic tips

When you store paint in the garage, make sure it’s not stored too high, especially if your car is parked there. In the case of an accident, you certainly don’t want paint landing on your vehicle! You can also avoid this by ensuring the tin is properly sealed. If you have too little paint left to justify storing it, then always recycle responsibly.

The advantages

The advantage of a garage is that it generally has a warm and dry atmosphere, as they’re typically connected to the house, unlike sheds that can be very cold and damp. Paint should ideally be stored at temperatures of at least 10 degrees Celsius. Any lower can be detrimental to the quality of the paint. A damp environment can equally affect the paint, which is why a nice, dry garage is better than a damp shed or outhouse.

Another benefit of storing paint in the garage is that it generally has little sunlight, which can also affect the paint. Provided that you have invested in quality garage doors, very little sunlight will be reaching your garage. If you decide that you need new garage doors Gloucester or elsewhere, services such as offer a range of solutions.

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The garage is the ideal place to store paint, but whatever you do, make sure you seal the paint tin properly and store the paint off the floor, but not too high. Also ensure the area is dry and warm.

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