How to repair common crochet errors

Wondering how you can repair common crochet errors? Even if you’re experienced in the art of crochet, sometimes things will inevitably go wrong. But don’t worry – here’s what you need to know.

How crochet errors happen

Errors happen for a variety of reasons in crochet. Sometimes it’s because you didn’t read the instructions properly and other times it’s because you aren’t familiar with a certain skill.

A lot of people tend to use crochet kits to minimise errors because they contain everything needed to complete a specific project. But when you are creating your own project rather than treating yourself to crochet kits, errors are common.

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1. Crocheting the front loop only

It’s easy to make this mistake as a beginner. You must learn where to put your hook in every stitch. If you spend a little more time checking each row, it can feel slow, but you’ll rapidly get better at crocheting underneath every loop so that each stitch is properly worked.

2. Seeing your project expand

Everyone does this at least once! A blanket can become a huge hexagon rather than a small rectangle because you haven’t counted your stitches and accidentally add in too many. Fix it by counting stitches and rows, or by carefully watching the shape of your piece.

3. Not counting rows

It’s very easy to forget rows, so you can use a row counter that helps you to keep on track. Use a notepad and pen or a fancy digital counter.

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4. Switching terms

Some patterns are written for the UK market and others for the US market. This means that slightly different terms are used. For example, a single crochet in the US is actually a double crochet in the UK! So, check your pattern carefully before you start work.

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