Essentials in content marketing strategy

Content Marketing tops the list of Social Media strategy priorities for many companies. The CMI (Content Marketing Institute) tells us that this year almost half of companies intend to increase their budget in this direction. Brands are confident that content marketing helps them reach out to the audience and get new customers and are right.

To do this, they must optimize their strategy by addressing some essential aspects.

Get on the client’s skin. To capture your interest you need to know how you think, what is what catches your attention, feel like it. What better way to live your experiences than becoming one of them. Forget for a moment that you act on behalf of your brand and use your personal profile to follow the brands they follow, consume the same content as them, and even actively participate where they do. This way you will experience your own feelings in the flesh, you will live your own experiences and you will know firsthand what is really coming to you, do you dare?

Stand as an authority on the subject . Speak with full knowledge of what you say, show that you dominate the subject. If you offer high value content, showing the information accurately, clearly and accurately, you will convince the audience and closely monitor your movements.

It happens of truisms. Forget the same recurring themes as always, treated from the same point of view. Explore new territories, try to go further. When using the topics traditionally relevant to your sector, Invent new formulas to present the information, adopts new perspectives and new formats; So that you continue to arouse the interest of your target audience.

Enjoy with it, internalize the action of creating content as a playful activity, not as an inescapable obligation. Plan the moment to dedicate to its creation, in a way that does not involve an extra effort, it is a necessary activity, not a punishment. It involves the rest of the team in the project, so that it is a joint activity where everyone feels an integral part and want to participate willingly. In this way, the final result will be enriched.

Plan the strategy. Do not say anything that does not have a clear communicative intention, it is the best way to optimize your resources and get the maximum relevance for your work. Define what you are going to say, what format you are going to use, what the frequency of updating will be, what media and channels you are going to spread the pieces of content to and how important you are to measure the results.

As you can see the marketing of content can be an enriching activity for both the audience and your company. It promotes the participatory spirit and rewards the effort and the improvement. These values ​​are transmitted to the audience, who perceive that enthusiasm and know-how, which also has repercussions on high quality content that stands out for having its own personality.

What is your secret so that your content strategy is effective?

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