Five great reasons to build your next home

There are some amazing self-built homes out there, with beachfront builds and waterfront properties really showing off the standards you can reach in fantastic locations. Here are some great reasons to build your next home.

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Cost efficiency

Buying a home on the market carries a big price tag. The average self-built home costs approximately 25 per cent less than an existing home, meaning that extra space could now be affordable. You can build a bigger and better home that might otherwise be out of reach.

With homes hitting records asking prices, now could be the perfect time to build your next home.

If prudent with buying, planning and building, you could save a large amount of money. If you would like the assistance of architects in West London, speak to companies such as

Feel-good factor

If money is not so much of a factor, what is holding you back? It takes time to plan and build, which can be inconvenient, but all self-builders achieve satisfaction from building their own home. You can become an architect of your own living space and provide something truly special for your family. What could be better than creating your own unique home?

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The building process

You can live in a home for years and never quite understand how it all works. Learning rudimentary plumbing or about the electric circuits along the way is useful, but you will never know how the home was constructed or what really makes it tick. To get to grips with the building process and learn everything you want to know, build it yourself.

You will develop an understanding of your home’s inner workings and how they connect, while gaining an appreciation for construction.


Building a house affects the local community. While some may not agree with your taste, you are creating something for your family, and more families afterwards, to enjoy. Building a home is a great way to make your mark, creating a monument that will last.


With assistance from a great architect, there is plenty of inspiration and help on hand. Some research on the internet will give you some great ideas, from planning the project to completion.

Begin building and gathering ideas for your dream living space and start embracing the self-build philosophy.

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