10 tips to create an effective online classified ad

If we have a product or service to offer, the online classified ad is an appropriate option for immediacy in its dissemination and low cost. Once we decide on this alternative to sell second hand, we must take into account a series of principles so that our classified ad meets its objectives effectively. 

Here are 10 practical tips for its creation:

  • Adapt the text to the available characters. Generally, classified ad pages make a form with a character limitation available to the user. Before designing your text keep in mind this limitation to adapt the text to it without losing effectiveness.
  • The owner is key. If we are given the possibility of including a headline, we should take care of it to the maximum. The visitor of the page will focus his attention, mainly, on the headline of the advertisement. Let’s try to draw the attention of our potential clients with a striking owner and try to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Optimize the writing We must find the right style so that our text is attractive to the reader. Short and direct phrases that summarize our service or product are the most effective. Avoid irrelevant details and make the message as clear as possible. And beware of spelling or syntactic errors that may lead to rejection by the reader.
  • Call to action Our text must be very persuasive in order for the potential customer to be attracted to our product or service. Look for words that encourage the reader to be interested in him; that understands that this is the best option within the offers that you will find in the network. Keep in mind that another ad from the competition is just a click away. Prevent the potential customer from looking for another, persuading him that your offer is the definitive one
  • Includes photo or video. If the page gives you the option to insert multimedia content, choose what you are going to include. Together with the owner, the image will be the first thing that the reader assimilates. If you are not attracted to the image, it will hardly continue reading your ad.
  • Address your potential customers. Reflect on the groups to which your ad is directed. You must include it in those pages frequented by your potential customers. Do not waste your time spreading it where the chances of success are reduced. Therefore, focus your efforts on those sites in the network that best suit your product or service.
  • Adapt the text to the site. The normal thing is that you spread your ad in different places of the network. Try to adapt the ad to each page following the criteria of the previous point. And in addition, slight text changes or multimedia content will personalize your ad avoiding repetition. Of course, the essence of the announcement must remain unchanged.
  • Take care of the SEO aspect. Try using the right keywords to improve the positioning of your ad. For this you have several tools on the net that will make your job easier. Remember that if your ad does not appear in the top positions of the search engines will have served little.
  • Be constant. Even if you adequately comply with the previous point, it is possible that your ad will eventually fall on the search engines. Frequently refresh the classified ad to recover positions also taking advantage to correct possible errors.
  • Help from an online marketing consultant. If in spite of everything, your ads do not achieve the desired objectives, you can seek the help of an online marketing consultant who will help you in the effective creation of a classified ad for your product or service.

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