How to make a statement with marble

Marble has been considered a luxury for many centuries, seen in ornate historic buildings and sculptures. The benefits of using marble in your décor is that it is naturally strong and provides a stunning aesthetic. So, how can you incorporate this stunning stone to make a statement in your décor?

Brilliant Bathrooms – Marble is porous so the best option for the bathroom is to use on a statement wall as opposed to the flooring. Creating a mosaic or other decorative feature is easy to do with marble tiles and will create a brilliant sheen to light up your bathroom space.

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Combine with contemporary features – You don’t have to think classic and traditional when it comes to marble as it also lends itself to be mixed with a contemporary interior. Whether it’s floor or wall tiles, a perfect balance can be found between old and new. Consider a marble tile backsplash in the kitchen or adding a contemporary touch with a grout in dark grey, for example. For more information on Marble Tiles, visit a site like Irwin Tiles

Marble is also the ideal choice for a stunning fireplace, for example. It is the best choice of stone as it is resistant to fire and heat. It provides a classic and sophisticated centrepiece to a room.

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This is a stone that also lends itself perfectly to sinks. These can be made to custom requirements and are normally made from one solid block, meaning that there are no ugly joins.

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