How McDonalds Took Over the World with Marketing

Marketing is an important part of running a successful business. Many businesses have done very well because they have got great marketing strategies. For this reason, companies know that marketing needs to be done well, and many will get a brand design agency such as Really Helpful Marketing to help them with this.


One of the companies that have done a great job with their marketing and branding is McDonalds – from a burger restaurant similar to many others in the United States at the time, McDonalds has gone on to become a huge international success story – here are some of the ways that they achieved that…

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Wherever you are in the world, when you see those golden arches you know what you are going to get. People trust brands and familiarity, and this is clearly a successful strategy for McDonalds. They do have some regional variations that cater to local tastes, but by going into a McDonalds wherever you are in the world, you know what you are getting.


Promotions – McDonalds are great at running promotions that have customers coming back again and again. The Monopoly promotion meant that customers could collect sets of the Monopoly streets to win prizes, which meant people would return again and again to try to increase their chance of winning.

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Move with the Times – As consumers have gained more awareness of healthy lifestyles and food choices, McDonalds recognised this. By introducing nutritional information to their menus and adding a range of healthy options they showed that they can move with the times and respond to customer needs.

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