New Year, New Home?

Do you dream of being in your new home by the New Year? There is still time, but you’ll have to be quick. Here are some useful tips to be in your new home by the time fireworks are ringing in the new year:

  1. Make sure your house is sale-ready

There are many aspects of the home buying and selling process that are beyond your control – and that’s why it’s important to get ahead of the game as much as you can.

A great place to start is a ‘clean up’ your current home – from the attic to the kitchen cabinets – to make it ready to put on the market. When you’ve decluttered and got organised, think about a fresh coat of neutral paint which is more attractive to potential buyers.

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  1. Get the right valuation

A good rule of thumb is to obtain three estate agent valuations to give an assessment of your home’s value. Don’t simply opt for the highest valuation. For a quick sale of your property, it should be priced according to the current markets. For help with Conveyancing Gloucester, visit Dee & Griffin, a Conveyancing Gloucester firm.

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  1. Select a ‘ready to move’ buyer

You want to make sure that potential buyers are serious so do your homework. Find out how they will finance the move. It is preferable to find a cash buyer of course, but if – like many people – they need a mortgage, ask to see the Agreement in Principal from their lender stating that, in principle it will lend the money. If your buyers have their own homes to sell, make sure that it is under an offer before you take you out of the market.

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