Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

Getting your garden ready for Spring is a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. The best way to start preparing your garden for the spring is to start thinning out the perennials and annuals that are in your garden right now. Now it’s time to get out those perennial plants that you have been wanting to plant and move them to the garden! You can move all of your containers and put them in bags for the trunks of trees, and you can also save some of them for next year when you are making your landscape improvements. For advice from a Dorset Tree Surgeon, visit

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The best thing about moving your perennials into their new garden bed is that you are giving the garden a rest from all of the work that is being done before the spring planting season begins. Many perennials that would be placed in large flower beds or in pots on the patio will take up too much room in the new garden bed, and this is one of the reasons why many people choose to grow their garden in pots. Now it is nice to sit back and enjoy your flower beds and be sure that your perennial plants and grass are getting enough room to grow.

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The weather can be very harsh in the beginning of the spring season, and the need for water and other maintenance for your perennial plants might need to wait until the following season. You should definitely plan your gardening during the spring, however, and try to pick up many of the tools that you used during the winter, like rakes and shovels. Many gardening tools will need to be brought inside during the winter months, to prevent them from rusting and getting damaged.

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