Facebook will bet on geolocalized mobile ads

The famous social network Facebook continues introducing news, in this case in its advertising, to offer its advertisers what they consider solutions more adjusted to their immediate needs. In this case, after announcing a few days ago that it was going to start tracking the user’s browsing, the social network has decided to start working on geolocated mobile ads.

From what has been seen, the company has already begun to test these new formats, making presentations to both advertising agencies and marketing managers of large firms in order to know in depth the potential offer.

But how will these ads work? Its operation will be similar to other advertising forms that the social network is already using at this time. According to its managers, the company will locate the user and will enter on his Facebook page announcements related to the place, as well as in his news feed, where the sponsored stories already appear. According to the company Bloomberg, this possibility will only work with mobile customers and for now it seems that the advertising market has welcomed the offer with great interest.

Despite the fact that according to eMarketer data, mobile ads only accounted for 1% of advertising spending in 2011, the advertising that is being done for these devices is emerging as the element that has the most potential for the future. What is very obvious is that users spend more and more time consuming content from their smart terminals.

Thus, seeing how much the user is interested in using their telephone terminals, it is completely normal for advertisers to begin to be essential as well. The truth is that so far the famous social network had not been too successful with this new market. So much so that analysts even criticized in recent months the low profitability that was taking Facebook mobile traffic.

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