Keys to achieve Engagement in social networks

You already have presence in social networks, but your actions in it are reduced to the odd occasional publication on your Facebook wall and your corresponding reply on Twitter … little else. You have an acceptable number of followers, but you do not know them, nor do they seem to feel very identified with your brand; In addition, its activity rate leaves much to be desired. 

Acting in social networks today is a must. According to Fortune 500, 43% of companies have noticed an increase in sales thanks to their campaigns on social networks; In fact, 47% of users are more willing to buy a brand that they already follow on social networks. For this reason, not only have to be in social networks, but create a community and encourage engagement. Do you know how to get it?

Identify your target. Define the specific characteristics of the profile you are targeting.

Select those users whose profile corresponds to that of your target. Always keep in mind that quality is the priority over quantity. In no case is it about getting a high number of followers, but to create a group united around the brand. Search your target in all possible channels. Browse the universe of social media in search of those profiles of your interest; uses tools to find potential consumers, performs specific searches by related sectors.

Do not forget them once they have started to follow you. Pay special attention to keep your community, your goal is not only to become part of it, but to feel full members. They will be deeply disappointed, being able to publicly reject the brand and everything that has to do with it.

Address them openly, open a door to interactivity, engage in conversation. Do not hesitate to speak to them in the first person, mention them directly. Only then will they participate and contribute to creating a living and stable community.

Participate in conversations and discussions that take place on the network. You can also take the initiative and promote your own actions, in order to generate notoriety for your brand and attract new members to your community. Create your groups on Linkedin, or launch questions on Quora.

Facilitate dialogue and interactivity in your profiles. 39% of users are willing to support their brands. Give life to your profile and show how active your community is. Performs dynamic activities and encourages users to participate.

Actively practice feedback, is the basis of communication 2.0, if you do not show that you are there and answer their questions, suggestions or requests, you will cause your community to disappear.

Make it easy for your users to find you and follow you. Preferentially display the social buttons on your website, use the display widgets so they can check the conversation that takes place in your profiles in real time. Reference and encourage users to join your community in your actions in social networks, your blog and any other activity you do online. Do not forget to offer this possibility also in the offline medium, include this invitation in your email signature, business cards, advertising actions, commercial vehicles …

It offers exclusive advantages for the members of your community. Needless to say that if someone decides to join a group, club or community, as is the case; 31% of followers of a brand expect some benefit in return. Take into account especially the most active.

Encourage your users to refer you. The ideal would be to make them become evangelizers of your brand. This is only achieved as a result of good management of your users on social networks, based on interacting with them and earning their trust.

If you choose your target audience well and spoil your followers, you will have a community united under common interests, the main basis for developing an effective online marketing strategy.

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