Will more sales with email marketing that are generated through social networks?

The roar that have generated social networks has not caused any other digital media in recent times. Generate brand awareness, engagement and favor a single two-way communication so far. But advocates of email marketing still think that the latter is more effective in attracting customers and generate new sales. When it comes to buying pure and simple, smart and strategic sending emails can be much more effective and generate many more sales.

Instead of going downhill, a recent study by the firm Custora, has revealed that the number of customers and generated sales through email marketing, has quadrupled in the past four years. Organic and paid search results remain highly effective for businesses. However, social networks like Facebook or Twitter are left far behind in these indices. The role of this type of media is clearly different and its role as a channel to boost sales is the least important of them all.

Will more sales with email marketing that are generated through social networksInstead, consumers who come because they’ve clicked on an email, usually buy more and spend more in the store. Consumers are 11% more valuable than average. We assume that the emails come to those who have given their permission to receive these communications, which implies a predisposition to pay attention to their content.

With the advent of new mobile devices, users always remain connected and constantly listening. Check the mail is the activity that made and above all, and most important, is the fact that reveals that 37% of your emails are already open from these mobile devices.

This reality has certain implications. For example, the screens are much smaller and therefore messages must be clear, straightforward and persuasive. It has very little time to catch their attention.

Another major challenge is to adapt the content for that 37% of openings are properly legible. Keep in mind that 70% of people who can not properly read your mail from these devices, applying downward their subscriptions.

However, none of these barriers are worth as an argument not to show the potential that email marketing can offer our business to continue to generate new customers and sales.

Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave, is clear in this regard by stating that “If we only have one bullet in the chamber to sell something, that bullet is the email”, also adding that although it is not as attractive tool as can be social networks like Pinterest or Instagram, it is one of the best generating sales.Does not mean they are enemies or antagonists, need each other to sell and to build a brand and a community identified with her, with their values.

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