Being a locksmith

Locksmiths have some pretty unusual tales to tell when it comes to their emergency call outs. Let’s just say that it’s not always home owners needing to gain access to their property but also hotels with guests who have got themselves into a spot of bother with a pair of handcuffs! A locksmith should also make sure to check the ID of the person who is claiming they’ve locked themselves out. You never know, they may not actually live there! For more information on a locksmith in Belfast, visit

Lockouts can happen at any time of the day and so a locksmith who does call outs would have to be on standby even in the dead of night. Some lockouts are quite straightforward and some totally bizarre. Normal jobs might include being sent by a landlord or maintenance company to break into an abandoned property and change the locks. Some rather more uncomfortable jobs might include breaking into the home of an elderly person who has not been seen for a while. Coming across a dead body is not something that you’ll likely forget in a hurry.

Being a locksmith

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Divorce lockouts can be very awkward and it’s difficult to be drawn into such a personal situation. A soon to be ex wife or husband would say they couldn’t get in, a locksmith may assist them and help change the locks. The husband might then also call with the same request! One story in the US tells of a husband who nailed the doors shut from the inside and climbed out of a window four stories up. In such a situation, it is likely all the doors would need to be replaced.

There are some deadbolts that malfunction so that they cannot then be opened with a key. Although the key still turns in the lock, it will not operate it. These call outs can be tricky and might take more than an hour removing the cylinder with power and hand tools so as not to damage the door. The lock itself will get destroyed in the process and will need replacing.

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