1 out of 3 SMEs manage their own online marketing strategy

1 in 3 SMEs manage their own online marketing strategy. In plan “Juan Palomo, I cook, I it”. So YouGov survey collects conducted among 500 small businesses, which also indicates that these organizations also manage their communication strategy and have even created their website (39%).

The maximum that applies is that its budget for the communication area is zero, therefore turning to tools and solutions free or very low cost. This practice also leads to 15% to use free email marketing services, or calls via messaging and online, an option which is prepared by 26% of respondents.

1 out of 3 SMEs manage their own online marketing strategyAs you can see, it is possible to have low-cost tools, and even free, to develop the online presence of a brand or as a channel of communication with customers. But the question is are they really effective these tools? and is it possible to carry out these actions without the support of a professional?

We agree that the budgetary investment required to run an online strategy is far less than is needed to launch a campaign in the mainstream media, but then to expose to the world 2.0 without any economic or professional support is a step. It’s like jumping into the void without a parachute. Social networking sites are free, but no longer properly manage both.

Just as a hammer does not make you a carpenter, a profile of Facebook does not make you Community Manager. The management company image requires a Social Media agency, they are true professionals who take charge of developing the strategy in each case.

At the mere mention of the word “strategy” many companies already show her face in astonishment. Unaware of the need to set goals, analyze the public and decide where and how to act in social channels. Every business does not require a fanpage, or a profile on Twitter, so it should make a preliminary study and determine the next steps.

Another big mistake of these companies is self-sufficient sinning by excess or defect. Since registration in social networks is free, they rush to enlist the profile of the company in all that gets in their way. From here, many of them fall into oblivion due to lack of resources which from the beginning have highlighted, and others begin their difficult journey through the roads of Social Media. Excessive self-promotion and publications are often in their keynotes, the same that will flee to their site users.

But they can still be with a song in the teeth if you are lucky enough to not need to face a crisis of reputation. The absence of response to an unhappy customer on Twitter, or mismanagement of an unfortunate comment in Facebook may be more than enough to ignite the spark that jump flame incendiary customers. In this situation, there is no tool or free service worth how they reactionary then?

Better safe than sorry. Should try online media and professionals develop their career in it with the respect it deserves and not try to go beyond the possibilities of each. In the 2.0 world, the indiscretions are paid.

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